Monday. Week 5. The Kuleshov Effect.

This morning we learned about the Kuleshov effect. It’s is a film montage that allows one clips to have many different effects. It was first demonstrated by a Soviet filmmaker called ‘Lev Kuleshov’ in the 1910s and 1920s. It is a mental phenomenon by which viewers watch the clip (of a man staring at the camera blankly) to then see a completely different clip (maybe of a woman) to then cut back to the sam original clip of the man staring. This can be used to gather contrasting emotions and gives a completely different impression of the man depending on the clip used in-between. It can make the viewer feel his sadness or make the viewer see him as creepy as he stares at people.

We later had to decide on where to film our next assignment (assignment 2) and we chose the Plymouth Hoe. I made a shot video displaying certain areas of which I want captured on film, as of now.



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