Depicting my film location

For my second assignment I am filming a journey from Mount Edgecumbe to the city centre of Plymouth. It’s a silent film with a extremely different and weird soundtrack with the only words being ‘happy birthday’.

The purpose of my film is to try and make people realise that city’s are taking over beautiful countryside and habitats through urbanisation and a growing population.

It’s like a birth of a new beginning as the camera follows me from the beautiful and natural Mount Edgecumbe to a contrasting grey urban area that is Plymouth City Centre.

It’s meant to be moving a slightly emotional as you see how much humans can impact such delicately beautiful areas through pollution and infrastructure.

The following is a picture that I took myself last time I went to mount Edgecumbe.


I took this on my Ipod 5. I enhanced the image so you can really appreciate the; rich, gorgeous colours and scenery around Mount Edgecumbe. It has a deep green and wide range of other fantastic and eye-catching colours.

This a picture I took from Google Images. It shows the grey city centre with a very small range of colours compared to rural areas around Plymouth.


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