Previous Filming experiences

In 2015 my school (Coombe Dean) hired Nick Baker, a camera man, and a director to present a short film about life Coombe Dean.

Since teachers knew that I was heavily into filmmaking and had evidence from the english Media work I had produced. My family received an email stating that I was to miss all lessons for two days, and get some hands on experience in creating a professional production.

It was here that I used; reflectors, personally recorded interviews with a boom mic, guided the crew round, carried the equipment and saw what techniques and equipment they use behind the scenes. I was the only student that got picked to help out.

Obviously a student didn’t need to be picked, no students were even aware of a camera crew until they saw them in person and couldn’t be more jealous that I got the chance to assist them.

It took 2 whole days of constant filming to get what they wanted. The crew was also accompanied by a teacher that helped to guide the crew to their next filming location in the school. With over 6 hours worth of film, it was edited into less than 6 minutes.

Walter Stern (director) of bitter sweet vid



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