She wants edit

This is my edit of our course’s ‘She Wants’ remake. ‘She wants’ is a song by the band Metronomy. The music video was released in 2011 and so every year the first year students in Creative Media remake it in their own way. Each year its different as the students think of their own ideas, making it original.

Everyone on the course got involved and played a part in it. At the end we received the footage via google drive and made our own edits. The edit was simple, yet time consuming as I changed the speed of the clip to the speed of the music as it happens. Meaning the music would get faster briefly then back to normal. I think by doing this, it makes the music video that bit more impressive and adds more excitement to it.

With colour grading I chose to increase the contrast slightly and crush the blacks. This left the clip looking more cinematic as it’s made the colours appear darker. I of course had some issues with the colour grading that I had to overcome. I learned how to fade in the colour grading from one bit to another. I needed to do this as the shot goes from light, to dark in a matter of seconds. This is because theres a complete contrast in light as the camera goes from being next to windows, to being in an unlit hall. Either way I am happy with the result and I’m still improving.

We shot the video at 50 frames per second, and at 720p. We did this to allow the film clip to slow down to half speed but not go under 25 frames a second, which allows the film to still be smooth. If the film goes under 24 fps then you will notice the difference in smoothness as it looks less and less smooth, the lower the frame rate.

It took four takes to get the right one, but it was worth it in the end. Everyone had to bring in their own props to either wear them selves or give to someone else to allow variation in the video. For the first time in my life I wore a rubber rabbit mask, and loved it.

Overall making this music video was a lot of fun and I throughly enjoyed it. I found that everyone sprinting around behind the camera was both funny and exciting as we had to all get into position outside before the camera turns at the end.


My Recurring Dream Remake

It’s been a four week process where Creative Media Students are put in groups with students from Art and Design. I found this is a good and productive idea as I’ve made new friends and has made it easier to talk to people in other courses. We were put in groups for the ‘CoLAB’ project where we’ve then made our remake of ‘My Recurring Dream’

The Video above is the original music video by ‘Cold Mailman’ which was released on February the 4th 2013. I’m personally glad we’ve remade this as I thoroughly enjoyed it and I managed to get hold of a smoke machine for the first time which was amazing.

As you see in the music video, there are 10 completely different scenes that have smooth transitions between them to make it appear like its all one continuous shot. Since there are 10 scenes, all students were split up into 10 groups. About 5 creative Media and 5 Art and design Students were in each group. I was in group 10, the final group so my group was responsible for filming the final shot.

Since its a ‘recurring dream’ this means that the final scene needs to end with a good transition with the opening shot. This of course is the same with every other group. I personally found it hard to communicate with the other groups because it was hard enough just trying to plan what we were going to do.

Some of the challenges we had as students was trying to find a good location to film our scene. We tried few places but the one we ended up with is an abandoned theatre on Union Street that is very local. This was handy as it’s only walking distance away.

Creative media students found the location and got all the camera equipment ready while the Art and design students got all the props ready as they made them themselves. They made many masks and that looks really good on camera in my opinion and really made the shot look more impressive.

When editing I knew I was bound to come across some issues as comunication between groups is poor and I wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it.

The video bellow is my edit of ‘My recurring dream’

Research on ‘She Wants’

In 2011 “she wants” was released by a band called “METRONOMY”. They’re a alternative/Indie, Neo-soul band that have made amazing music videos. In their music video for “she wants” they use a one-shot technique that makes the video seem like it’s all one continuous take. Another example of this which I admire is Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Birdman”.

With a brief exception “Birdman” appears as if filmed in a single shot, an idea Iñárritu had from the film’s conception. Emmanuel Lubezki , who won the Academy Award for his cinematography in”Birdman”, believed that the recording time necessary for the unique long take approach taken in”Birdman” could not have been made with older technology.

A “one-shot” is any music video which consists of action, continuous in time and space, from the perspective of a single camera. A single long take.

In order to be able to make one-shot videos several special techniques are used. Most commonly the stage props which are not currently caught on cameras are changed during the shot. For other videos some parts are filmed before the final shot and then replayed on screens in the video.

Articulation project

Today I looking up what makes a good presentation. I found that you need; clarity, statistics (to bulk up information), links to research, imagery, formal language, be confident and use eye contact and engage the audience and don’t look at the ground.

You need to have links to your research to keep track of your sources.

Below is our group’s presentation on Romain Gavras. We all worked together tot produce this.

My slow motion music video

This was a real test. In just one day we had to; plan, film, edit and upload a music video. It was the first time I properly used slow motion and although it was very rushed I am please with how it turned out.

Everyone on the course filmed random short clips that might look good in slow motion.

We filmed in 50fps and 720p for the first time and managed to slow it down in post production to half speed yet it’s still 25fps so its smooth. Iv’e recently learned this from my tutors.

Reviewing Billy’s edit of assignment 2

Corinna and Ethan are in Billy’s group and were also featured in the film.

The link above is the peer review I wrote about Billy’s edit.

The link above is the Review Billy Langdown made of my going local edit.

I think his points are valid and I agree with the targets he suggested, for example; ‘a stronger story line’. I will improve on these points when I produce my next film assignment. I’m glad he gave his genuine opinion and I enjoyed the fact he loved the transitions that I edited along with the colour grading that I editied.