Research on ‘She Wants’

In 2011 “she wants” was released by a band called “METRONOMY”. They’re a alternative/Indie, Neo-soul band that have made amazing music videos. In their music video for “she wants” they use a one-shot technique that makes the video seem like it’s all one continuous take. Another example of this which I admire is Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Birdman”.

With a brief exception “Birdman” appears as if filmed in a single shot, an idea Iñárritu had from the film’s conception. Emmanuel Lubezki , who won the Academy Award for his cinematography in”Birdman”, believed that the recording time necessary for the unique long take approach taken in”Birdman” could not have been made with older technology.

A “one-shot” is any music video which consists of action, continuous in time and space, from the perspective of a single camera. A single long take.

In order to be able to make one-shot videos several special techniques are used. Most commonly the stage props which are not currently caught on cameras are changed during the shot. For other videos some parts are filmed before the final shot and then replayed on screens in the video.


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