My Recurring Dream Remake

It’s been a four week process where Creative Media Students are put in groups with students from Art and Design. I found this is a good and productive idea as I’ve made new friends and has made it easier to talk to people in other courses. We were put in groups for the ‘CoLAB’ project where we’ve then made our remake of ‘My Recurring Dream’

The Video above is the original music video by ‘Cold Mailman’ which was released on February the 4th 2013. I’m personally glad we’ve remade this as I thoroughly enjoyed it and I managed to get hold of a smoke machine for the first time which was amazing.

As you see in the music video, there are 10 completely different scenes that have smooth transitions between them to make it appear like its all one continuous shot. Since there are 10 scenes, all students were split up into 10 groups. About 5 creative Media and 5 Art and design Students were in each group. I was in group 10, the final group so my group was responsible for filming the final shot.

Since its a ‘recurring dream’ this means that the final scene needs to end with a good transition with the opening shot. This of course is the same with every other group. I personally found it hard to communicate with the other groups because it was hard enough just trying to plan what we were going to do.

Some of the challenges we had as students was trying to find a good location to film our scene. We tried few places but the one we ended up with is an abandoned theatre on Union Street that is very local. This was handy as it’s only walking distance away.

Creative media students found the location and got all the camera equipment ready while the Art and design students got all the props ready as they made them themselves. They made many masks and that looks really good on camera in my opinion and really made the shot look more impressive.

When editing I knew I was bound to come across some issues as comunication between groups is poor and I wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it.

The video bellow is my edit of ‘My recurring dream’


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