iPhone Advert

The original plan for this exercise was to do a interview mockumentary on spinning chairs however that plan completely changed. This was purely because there was not enough time to make it work or to plan it properly. The people I was working with didn’t want to be on camera either and so unfortunately that limited the ideas.

I ended up suggesting that we produce an advert for the Apple iPhone last minute as we had to produce something and I couldn’t help but feel I was the only one really contributing.

This ended up being rushed and completely improvised but I tried to pull it off as best I could.

After working with Jack, Daisy and Sophia, I’ve realised that I’d get more work done if I was with a different, more productive group. 

So far the majority of the small tasks and projects we’ve been set have all featured me on camera. This is because my original group aren’t as confident when being on camera. I feel like I couldn’t use my camera skills and use different techniques properly as a result of this.

I do feel though that if I had worked with a more productive group from the start I could have managed to stick with the original idea and also produce better work on a whole, as it wouldn’t always be me on camera either so I wouldn’t be as limited.

This is the outcome.


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