Finished Documentary and Evaluation!

Final Product:

This is the editing. I interviewed three councilors but unfortunately the all audio for the third one wasn’t recorded making it un useable.

I only found this out when editing but I am now aware about how easy it is to make mistakes like that. Luckily I still got some decent shots.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.37.48.png

This is the finished product of our documentary

Some audio was lost and had to be cut out

But it was successful in the end



The main meaning and message we wanted to convey when producing this documentary on Chaz Singh was an inspirational and genuine one. We tried to avoid any real biased parts for example; giving the impression that he’s better than every other councilor in Plymouth or something like that. I think we we’re successful with this as we didn’t have the other councilor’s promote him in any way when we interviewed them.

Overall I’m not overly impressed with what I’ve produced. I think it’s fairly boring as it doesn’t go anywhere, there’s no music, the quality doesn’t look great in some shots (I only realized that in post production), it was a mad rush to edit (as the deadline was the day after we filmed) so there’s no color grading, and the topic in all honesty isn’t that interesting. I do however like some of the interview shots and the time lapse shot and I’m glad the editing flows smoothly.

If I could change one thing, it would definitely be getting more interesting establishing shots as they all look the same in one location and they’re literally the least interesting shots. With the editing however I’d definitely would go back and edit in some music and colour grading to make it more interesting and prettier.

I feel I learned to always get more establishing shots and do some research on what music I need to put in there before hand so when it comes to editing its a lot easier and I could have made the final product a bit better as I knew there was such a short time between filming and uploading the finished product. I now know that its crucial to plan everything as well as possible hen you know that you have one day to edit.




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