Editing for the future project

Ceri and I today made a badge for Christina’s character who plays a police officer in the film.


I am definitely enjoying this project a lot. I find it’s extremely challenging however I’m grateful we are doing this. In my opinion its a great opportunity to try something so different and unique which broadens my knowledge of how to deliver what different clients want. With the clients being 9 years old, of course this is going to be challenging and of course not everything they request is possible.

The year 4 students wanted candy land and Alcatraz. The first and most obvious question that popped into my head when I saw that is ‘how are we going to pull this off?’. We hardly had any locations that remotely resemble candy land or Alcatraz. This was still good however as I learned new green screen skills and slowly the film is coming together.


The aim for this was the have a road made out of ‘candy’ and then pushing the camera through the road with the green screen then edited out after. This would then mean that we could green screen in the dragon that must also be featured in this film. 

It took many attempts and the final attempt wasn’t brilliant but its progress none the less. We found after setting up all the sweets perfectly and experimenting with where the focus should be, I realised when I edited out the ‘green’ screen that it couldn’t 

We also found the green sweets wouldn’t show up so picked them out one by one so the ultra key doesn’t mess up any more than it already did. This was another factor that used up time and so meant we had to rush to put all the sweets back after we


Eventually we came up with a solution to candy land.

The picture above shows our first attempt at making  a kaleidoscope effect on the screen. We’ve spent at least.

Every piece that is in the kaleidoscope has to be moved 55 degrees each time for it to work (60, 120, 180 etc.). The reason we are doing this is because we need ‘Kosac’ (my character) to hallucinate after the police officer (Christina’s character) tranquilizes him.


Production Diary

Monday: We saw the children’s story for the first time. I loved this because it’s a real challenge and its so different from any other task.

Tuesday: We met the children for the first time. I personally am very happy I got to go and be one of the 25 students that could meet the kids. This is purely because they have so many ideas and they don’t



This is the document displaying the issues we might face

The main story is about Rosie and Kosac (Ceri and I). We are best friends but married and live together. We argue a lot as in the opening scene it shows Rosie watching the news to see the baby that Kosac is meant to be babysitting has been stolen. Kosac is in the kitchen as Rosie shouts from the living room but Kosac doesn’t really listen and so Rosie gets mad and drags him into the front room but then the police turn up and ecuses Kosaac of stealing “Alex” the baby as he was meant to be babysitting him that day. The officer then injects Kosac making him fall asleep and wake up in Alcatraz. Kosac then has to dig out with a spoon but when he gets out he hallucinates and thinks he’s in candy land but in the same dream fights a dragon. The dragon breathes fire and just when you think Kosac is going to die, he wakes up eating dirt.

Documentary feedback

All groups stayed in their groups as we reviewed another groups work. Each group had tp display one of the finished edits and my group agreed that we’d show mine

We reviewed the TTTFF group which stands for ‘Transition Town Totnes Film Festival’ as we gave our criticism on their micro documentary.

This is the feedback we got for my edit of our documentary on Chaz Singh.

Please insert the title of the film you are evaluating (this should be the Client name e.g. START)


Do you feel that the group has met the requirements of their client?


Expand upon why you think this.

Interviewed relevant people who gave answers which represented the client well

Do you think the production is “successful”?


Explain what you think “success” means for this group’s project i.e. what do you define as a “success” in this scenario?

(no answer)

How has the location been used, through scenes, to represent the client?

Used relevant locations, were able to clearly see what the client does

Do you think the documentary looks ‘professional’?


Discuss how ‘professional’ the documentary looks and feels. Discuss this using the formal elements – can you draw any conclusions about what is needed to make you view work as ‘professional’?

Some shots needed to be stabilized, colour grading could have been used more effectively, and some interview backgrounds could be improved. However, interesting shots such as in the guild hall provided professional looking shots.

Upload a still from the film that is “Successful” (TIME LAPSE SHOT)

Symmetrical, and good colours as well as the time lapse

Upload a still from the film that is less “Successful” (PANNING SHOT OF THE CHAMBERS)

Shaky footage colours not balanced – a bit orange

Was the film long enough?


Would you like to watch more?


Select a keyword to explain how you think they intended to represent the client.


What did the film makers do to make you select this keyword?

Showed his work place as well as colleagues

Overall I’ve got to be honest and say I wasn’t too impressed with the feedback. A couple of things annoyed me for example in the question where it asks “Explain what you think “success” means for this group’s project i.e. what do you define as a “success” in this scenario?” There’s no answer. Plus I really tried to make my answers as detailed as possible or at least give a better answer than “maybe” when I wrote a review on their projectI usually greatly approve of group critiques and feedback but this time I couldn’t see the point in the feedback I received. Just makes me think ‘why do I bother’ when I see feedback that just doesn’t help when this project was a head ache to organise and a painful rush to edit literally hours worth of footage in one day, on the day of the deadline!’

Which was no one’s fault but an inconvenience that the council meeting happened to be the day before the project was due.

I just feel the feedback told me nothing but the obvious! and I wanted more in depth feedback so I could confidently improve

I don’t agree with the feedback either as some things like “the interview background could have been improved” just sounds impossible to achieve when you ask such busy people on the spot what ‘their views are’ that literally have ’30 seconds before they have to go’.

I do understand though that maybe the group that gave me this feedback might not be confident with giving their honest and detailed opinion and if so then that’s just unfortunate. This is also the reason why I wouldn’t let them know