This is the document displaying the issues we might face

The main story is about Rosie and Kosac (Ceri and I). We are best friends but married and live together. We argue a lot as in the opening scene it shows Rosie watching the news to see the baby that Kosac is meant to be babysitting has been stolen. Kosac is in the kitchen as Rosie shouts from the living room but Kosac doesn’t really listen and so Rosie gets mad and drags him into the front room but then the police turn up and ecuses Kosaac of stealing “Alex” the baby as he was meant to be babysitting him that day. The officer then injects Kosac making him fall asleep and wake up in Alcatraz. Kosac then has to dig out with a spoon but when he gets out he hallucinates and thinks he’s in candy land but in the same dream fights a dragon. The dragon breathes fire and just when you think Kosac is going to die, he wakes up eating dirt.


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