Cinematography for FUTURE project

Last Wednesday Ceri, Christina and I got the bus back to my house to film the opening scene for the film. Although Ben is in a different group he had to come too as Christina and him live in Launston which means it takes them ages to get home and so they were sharing lifts.

We also wanted to film in Launceston but I added up how many hours it takes to get us there and back. Plus if we weren’t getting a lift there by car then it would take at least another 30 minutes to get to Christina’s house from the bus stop. Overall that would take at least 3 hours out of our day and so it wouldn’t be productive in the slightest.

This is a problem that we had to overcome as it’s always hard for Christina to get to filming sessions so we had to work around her availability. This meant that we couldn’t film at any other time so Ceri and I had to make sure we were able to film then. Which also meant cancelling other plans.

I can’t let that bother me though as we worked together and produced an opening scene that I’m happy with and I’m glad we can tick that off the list.

Last Thursday I did a first edit of the scene which is including the first edit of the Kaleidoscope effect. Since then the effects have greatly improved thanks to hours worth off effort at college and research on how it’s edited.

In this project I’ve been the lead director and cinematographer and have been setting up all the shots filmed at both; my house, and crown hill fort. These are some of my favourite shots

We knew that Ceri’s character ‘Rosie’ would have to walk through the hall to find Kosac in the kitchen, but I wanted to add some style to the shot and so I said I’d “try a Birdseye view shot” looking down on her as she walks past.

This is because the shot we had before was way to plain and ordinary and wasn’t really any different to the other shots in the scene. I’m very happy with the result though and both Ceri and Christina liked the idea too.

Overall I’m pleased that my group and I worked together well and helped each other out. We’ve really tried to include everyone’s ideas but I’ve still found it hard to include Teagan quite as much.

We filmed the scene at Crownhill fort yesterday in hope we could get some eerie looking shots that resemble Alcatraz in some way. But Teagan couldn’t make it as she wasn’t in college that day. Luckily the shots we were getting meant we didn’t need anymore people. This is a photo I took on my phone in the tunnels there.

I was the only actor that was needed for this scene as my character ‘Kosac’ was in a dream state travelling from Candy land to Alcatraz (where he sees a dragon) to then wake up in bed at home with Ceri’s character ‘Rosie’ looking after him.

I felt that the Alcatraz scene should only be brief and part of a montage used in between different Kaleidoscopes. Although Ceri disagreed and wanted an ‘intense scene in Alcatraz’ I had to just be blunt and say that just wasn’t going to work. For example; we haven’t got enough actors, we haven’t got a suitable location, we haven’t got many days to film it, and the weather is appalling. Plus a scene like that would need tonnes of planning and I feel it would be an unnecessary waste of time if we used all our time on something that we can’t guarantee will work well.

I took 14 hours of my self study time at home to make the first two edits of the first scene. When it came to editing however I came across some inconvenient issues that I had to overcome. The program I’m using to edit Hitfilm 4 Express, a free editing program that is of course very different to Adobe Premier Pro which I’m used to using at college. I do find it’s better to edit at home though sometimes as it’s quiet and I can work at my own pace with no distractions from the people around me.

The main issue I came across when editing was that all the clips filmed on Ceri’s camera (.MOV) weren’t accepted by the editing program Hitfilm. This meant I had to import all those clips into a different free movie editor that accepted the clips and export it. The problem was that all the clips put together added up to 6 minutes.

This meant I had to spend hours cutting and chopping it down to get the clips I wanted. The irritant part then was some of the audio was bad and some of the clips were missing!.

Overall this project has been exhausting, frustrating, funny, and challenging. The police badges above were made by us last week in Photoshop. They’re not meant to look genuine in the slightest but serve their purpose as they’re briefly used as Christina’s character is the police officer that tranquilizes my character Kosac.

This my second edit of the future that I edited on Thursday. I found with adding some of the ‘typing’ sounds, it messed up the audio for one of the clips but that will be improved when I re-edit it in my self study time. I’ve just made a graph demonstrating the percentage of time spent on each of the aspects when producing

percent of time spent on producing future roject.png

To make this graph I typed in how many hours have been spent on all aspects of production from this time 5 weeks ago and now and then converted that into percentages as I feel it looks a lot cleaner and more professional.. I will make another final when this production is finished. I find graphs provide more clearer understanding of how much time that has gone into the different elements of film making when producing this.


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