Final Mission progress

I’ve been working on my first proper feature film outside of school and college for over 14 months now as a hobby. It’s a half hour film with the story and script written by me. I’m doing this with my best mates and its now very near completion and so I;m setting up a YouTube channel for it to go on.

I’m still learning loads and improving every time I edit and film. Just yesterday I decided to try and make a poster on Photoshop because if I’m honest I’m just excited to release it. I have made a trailer but I wont properly release it until the channel is finished and set up to the public.

I’m still very new to Photoshop but I am definitely improving.

I took this image of me that was taken last May and did some research on how to remove background and change the lighting with many helpful YouTube videos. There was a lot of trial and error as I’m not that experienced with Photoshop but I ended up with this being the finished product.

Of course I will improve over time but I’m just really passionate about this as it’s my film and I want to be proud of it.


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