Blog the week 1: Planing my first ideas for FMP

Throughout the week I’ve purely been thinking about new ideas for my FMP as well as expanding on the one idea I have already. I’m excited to see how this turns out and hope I can pull this off to the best standard possible. My tutors have already said this is going to be “the best work you’ve produced so far” so I really hope I can prove that I can make something impressive.

I’ve now thought of two ideas for my FMP. Both of which I am still not 100% sure about.

Idea 1

My first idea was to have the main protagonist live in a split reality where he never knew which was the true reality. In one reality he would be running from the military and in the other he’d be living a normal life with his family and friends. I’ve had this idea since January and hadn’t thought of a different idea until now.

My inspirations for this idea came from a cool shot from a video game I played recently, ‘Battlefield 1’. Battlefield 1 (also known as BF1) is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield Series developed by DICE and published by EA. The game is set during World War 1 and was released worldwide on October 21, 2016. I’ve really enjoyed this game since it’s been available to play and was extremely hyped for it coming up to its release. This is because I’ve also played other games made my DICE (the creators of the Battlefield franchise) and the trailer looked amazing.

Idea 2

Maybe a short superhero film if possible.


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