Blog the week: The Second week of FMP


Today I asked to have a one on one tutorial with Billy as I’m extremely passionate about learning new skills when it comes to FMP and how I can make it as good as possible.  This is my first time learning tracking in after effects.

I really want to become more confident with after effects as it could be used in my FMP

This is the editing so far. I’ve done tracking shots on other programs including Hitfilm 4 Express but it’s good to learn a new editing program.

At the moment I prefer Hitfilm to Aftereffects but that might change as I’m not familiar with all the thing that after effects is capable of.

Rough idea


This guy doesn’t age and takes a lot to kill and has been held captive in the world war one bunker

But he escapes

So a squad of troops hired by the top secret agency goes to kill him

But they all die one by one leaving just a one on one fight at the end  
There’s a bunker outside of the city (Heybrook Bay) where the military are keeping a superhuman captive. It’s a top secret investigation and the man captive rapidly heals from damage any other human would die from. However, as soon as the military found out he was different they captured him and the investigation started. They have to find out how this has happened and if the power he holds is safe.


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