These are some important conventions of filming inside my short action film idea.

On the day of filming, I needed to keep in mind that the location isn’t secluded and so every so often throughout the day members of the public would walk near where we were filming. This meant I had to keep the realistic looking gun props hidden so they didn’t notice or get alarmed. I take this extremely seriously especially as people might not think were just kids making a film for college.

I’m glad that I bought loads of food prior to the day of filming that all my crew could appreciate. I had to think about some of my main actors as they were vegetarian or had an allergy to nuts so the food I bought had to meet their dietary requirements. This reflects upon having ‘supplies stocked up’.

One thing I think I did right was the colour grading I used for the location we filmed at. Luckily on the day, it was quite cloudy but full of green so I found removing the yellows and some greens really gave it a negative and hostile feel to it.

I’ve worked with the actors that I used in my FMP before. We all know each other from school and so have a really close friendship, apart from my cousin Conor that agreed to play the role of two extras in the film. He hadn’t met any of the actors before and I hadn’t worked with him before either. Thankfully though he listened to me when I was directing which made me less stressed and enabled me to focus more on what we had to film next.



Conventions of filming

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