Cinematography Research 

This morning I’ve been reading about cinematography and camera shots.

I’ve been reading a book called Cinematography Theory Practice by Blain Brown and have been especially interested in pages 64 to 69. The page you’re looking at is page 66 as it’s all about tracking shots and Dolly shots. I’m really interested in this because I want to make the cinematography in my FMP the best I can.

A part of the page that I found useful was the figures on the left-hand side as you can see this image

This shows the camera counter moving to the actor. This has made me rethink my opening shot for my FMP. I now want a long opening shot going from one end of the filming location to the other with characters moving around inside. This will be the opening credits for my FMP and will have the text tracked to the actors as they move past the frame.


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