Proposal for my FMP

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma

Unit 8 – Project Proposal

Name James Reader
Pathway Short action-based film
Project Title Final Major Project – Engage
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
So far I have learned many new skills on how to focus and shoot better quality footage on DSLR cameras. I am now more experienced with working in groups with people that I haven’t met before and I can now confidently manage people. I am best and most passionate about making action films and I’m confident with working for clients with different views on what they think is a ‘good film’. I’m experienced in operating sound equipment and recording sound in general. I can use editing programs like Adobe; Premier, Photoshop and after effects, displaying my ability to edit out green screens using chroma key.


Section 2: Project Concept (approx 200 words)
My aim for FMP is to produce a short 6-minute action film. I want to showcase cinematography, and script writing skills and then plan the film accordingly. I will act in my film and direct people to help me record these scenes, otherwise, I will take control of the filming process and make sure I sound record everything. Additionally, I’m going to edit everything myself either at home or at college to show I can manage the project independently.

I intend to make a short action film which is around 6 minutes long. My FMP will reference famous action films like Jason Bourne and The Raid for the action.


Plus Batman v Superman for the visual style and lack of saturation in the image. 


I’ll plan the filming in a detailed manner. Before production begins I’ll research into Quentin Tarantino and his directing style. Especially in Reservoir Dogs. I need to learn more about editing an action sequence so I will look into YouTube tutorials and existing examples of scenes I like. My film will look dark and desaturated like The Raid giving a negative and hostile feeling to it.  


Section 3: Evaluation (approx 50 words)
I will show my idea to people and see what they think and if they like it. This is important as getting honest feedback is always productive. I will listen and keep going back and checking my progress to see whether I am still happy with the current result. I will make the most of the group crits and complete a final evaluation hat reflects upon my targets and whether I achieved them.
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