Choreography Evidence and Research

The fight choreography for Engage my FMP is very much inspired by the fight scenes in such films as ‘The Raid’, ‘Terminator 2’ or ‘The Bourne identity’. I choreographed the main fight scene for my FMP on Friday 28th of April 2017 with the help of Jack (the other main actor that will feature in the fight).

As much as I’d like to make a fight scene to this standard, I simply don’t have the location or the trained actors. I have however done choreographed a couple fight moves to homage this.

This was just a quick test to see if the camera angle would work. We filmed this outside in my garden where there was more space, fortunately there was just enough space but not enough to make the whole fight look as good as it could be. On location however there will be more space to film that.

It’s inspired by the fight in terminator 2 as it’s an uneven fight. Jack’s character is a fast healing mutant that tires a lot slower than humans, and my character is combat trained but has no advantage over Jack’s character. It’s the same advantage the T-1000 has over the T-800 in Terminator 2 as the T-1000 heals and doesn’t tire or get damaged by things the T-800 would.

This is the fourth and final edit of the practice choreography. This is purely made as a test to see what works and with very little effects added. This has been made to show the different camera angles and how I can improve them. I feel it’s extremely important to practice this before filming just to make sure it works smoothly on the day as filming a fight scene is the most time consuming of all.

In the fourth edit I basically tested out what the effects would roughly look like without adding music, muting the clips or adding the necessary sounds to make it sound smoother like punching sounds etc. I did however add the widescreen bars used for cinematic effect and colour grading.

On the day I will definitely make use of the fake blood that I’ve bought that will be applied by Ceri in between the cuts.

I’ve also been doing research on how to make the punches look more realistic by looking at other video’s FilmRiot have done in the past. They have also shown After Effects tutorials which I can definitely make use of because there’s always room for improvements and it might make the fight scene flow a lot smoother while giving a more violent feel to it.

I personally want it to be more of a realistic with added suspense leading up to it almost like the films of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock as they seem to often focus on stories surrounding the darker sides of life.

I’ve noticed that Stanley Kubrick chose to work in a variety of different genres, though all of his works have a distinctly morose undertone, I love his film ‘The Shinning’ as it portrays a real sense of inescapable doom. I especially enjoy the high tension, suspense and drama that features in the film and so I want to portray that in my Final Major Project ‘Engage’.

I particularly love this scene and want to show reference to this as you don’t know whats going to happen or what the characters are going to do.


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