Make up and SFX

VFX are digital, made on a computer in post production. SFX are practical (props, make-up, animatronics, pyrotechnical, etc.), made on set during production. You can also mix them up, like shooting a SFX footage and composite it using VFX.

On Friday, Jack , my actor came round to my house so I could practice and test out the make up kit I bought.

In the video they state what you need to buy to make the head shot look realistic.

When I saw this I instantly looked up the prices of this to see the prices as I’d love to have this in my FMP as I looks really professional.

I saw the price of the wax on it’s own and thought it would be expensive to buy everything separately. So on Wednesday 26th of April I walked to the costume shop in Plymouth and fortunately found a set of everything I’d need for £9.99. Which on Amazon is £10.99.

Once I had sorted the make up I arranged for Jack (my actor in my FMP) to come over to practice choreography and make up.

After I opened the wax I instantly noticed that it’s very sticky and hard to mould

Another problem arised when I put the wax on Jack. In the YouTube tutorial they didn’t need any make up as it blended with his skin colour really well.

You can see it messed up quite badly the first time compared to FilmRiot’s tutorial. After multiple tries however I finally figured out how much wax I need to make it work. I’m glad I tried this before, and not on the day of filming as it’s very time consuming and it’s hard to wash off. Another problem I had with the wax was that even with colour grading there was no blending in the wax with his skin colour.

To resolve this problem I put a much smaller amount of wax on him and applied a small amount of blood, hoping that it would stick to the wax and not drip. The result was a lot cleaner and looks a lot better.

Just when I thought I had it however, the blood started to drip as it wasn’t sticking to the wax. I’ve now decided not to use the wax make up on the day of filming becuase it’s too time consuming, no way of washing it off out on location and the result just isn’t good enough.

I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of money however as I’ve now experienced how it works and might be able to make use of it for another film in the future if set inside my house where I’m able to wash it off.


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