Making props: Classified Folder

As the characters in my FMP are meant to be part of the military. I wanted them to have realistic looking CLASSIFIED files. The only problem was that if I wanted those files in my film then I’d have to make it myself. I’ve never considered myself as a good artist by any means and was pleasantly surprised with the final outcome.

I asked Mum if she had any old brown envelopes I could use. Luckily she said yes so I took it. I ended up using a pencil and a ruler just marking points on the envelope where I’d like the red classified stamp to be placed.

Annoyingly as I’ve never done this before. My first sketch attempt at it was a fail as it was off center and looked terrible I. My opinion. I then had to rub it out and try again, this time I learned where the points were on the page and the size I’d need to draw it as.

After a lot of trial and error, my second sketch was complete. You can see how I’ve adjusted some of the lines as they are darker and didn’t fit as well as I’d like them too. I did this because I kept looking at the image that I got up on my laptop and it didn’t quite match the first time.

Then I borrowed one of my sister’s red colouring pens to fill it in. I then rubbed out the bits of pencil you could see around the edges of the colouring to make it look neater.

Once that was done there were a couple of finishing touches needed as it didn’t look right. It doesn’t look perfect now but as you can see, the Google image is a stamp and that isn’t dead straight or neat either so I wasn’t bothered.

Once I had the envelope and classified stamp sorted, I had to look up some images and text to put in the files which were going to be placed in the folder.

I looked up “MI6 logos”, “classified files” and “CCTV images” so I could then simply put it together in Word and print it off.

It’s not meant to look outstanding as they’re put in the film as a bit of extra detail and the camera won’t focus on them so the viewer won’t necessarily be able to read it. Its purpose is to hint at something bigger, and that was my overall aim with making a short action film as you don’t know any of the characters back story.


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