Blog the week: Trying something new 


Preparing for Ceri’s FMP is truly a unique opportunity. She’s planned to have a dance themed music video inspired by YouTube rewind. It’s a great fun idea but it’ll definitely be a challenge to make happen.

We started with filming Ceri’s ending Credits. That’s me on camera making sure the shots are framed right. I felt using a fig rig was very useful as I needed to do a lot of panning and tracking shots to make it work. I like the fig rig more than holding just the camera as I could get low shots really efficiently.

I was a dancer in her FMP and so we needed to rehearse. With this came a great experience as I had to learn how to dance to the routine from scratch, be aware that the routine changes pretty much every week because Ceri adds to it, and to be a part of a synchronized dance group which I’ve wanted to be in for ages.


I worked hard on research as I really needed to get my idea sorted. I was starting to panic a bit but I knew I’d manage to get it done if I tried. After working with Ceri yesterday I really made me see how well other students are getting on with their projects and so it has inspired me to finish my idea.


Finally starting to get somewhere with my idea and I fee like I’m improving with my blog work.


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