Filming Harry M’s FMP

It was terrible. He wanted to make a music video about a girl that gets bullied but then becomes happy when a boy comes into her life and makes the bullies feel awful. Now by the sound of that idea, I wasn’t put off, in fact I thought it sounded like it had some potential to turn out alright. The only thing was. It was too this Lily Allen song.

It’s horrendous in my opinion . What the hell is he thinking. I would never make a music video to a song like this as I just can’t picture any way I could make it happen, without making it cringy. I feel so strongly about this as I’m one of the lead actors in it. 

Let’s start with the fact there wasn’t a plan. I came in to college on Thursday morning expecting this to be a good day. Turns out no one had turned up apart from Harry. Corina and Billy were also staring in this. 

Corina was the victim and Billy was playing the bully. Now I wouldn’t see problem with this is Billy was playing a male character!

Billy was playing a girl. So he had to get into a dress and pretend he’s a bully. Honestly what is he thinking. I’m in this film and he’s embarrassing me. He didn’t plan any of it. He’s clueless obviously. 

Another thing was that the camera had no battery so we had to use Corina’s! Her camera then also ran out of battery leaving us with no footage. 

I just sort of thought “SCREW IT” and took the role of director. By taking charge I made things happen. I suggested things we could film (like establishing shots) and said “we’ll film it on my phone”. 

Terrible idea

He didn’t plan it

Just bad the camera was out of battery

He needs to re


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