Planning filming day

I spent the whole two weeks stressing over the script, how I’m going to get my crew to the location, who my actors are, who the cameraman is, what camera equipment I will use, and what clothing the actors will wear. This was making me panic because I know how hard it is to get people together to film, especially as there’s a bigger group of 7 people that need to get there. 

Thankfully two Tuesdays before filming date (Tuesday the 25th of May) my crew and I agreed on next Sunday for filming date (Sunday the 7th). The day after we film Ceri’s FMP. Although filming turned out fine in the end, if I could go back in time I would choose to film on saturday (the 6th of May) as more people would be available. With the filming date set in stone though from Tuesday the 25th I felt I could plan the day accordingly and slowly get less stressed. I kept frantically checking the weather to see if it was good enough and not raining. This was the only filming date I could get and if it was cancelled it would have been a disaster. 

I already knew my location as I’ve filmed there before many times when filming my own separate production ‘The Final Mission” (which is now complete but not published on YouTube yet). This is an earlier edit of a scene from that location. It’s a half hour action film that took me over 16 months to complete. I was happy with the outcome though and I still had all the same props and was still friends with the same actors so I thought I’d make another action related short film while I still could. I also thoughtorly enjoy making these as they’re a real challenge and I know what I’m doing as I’ve had over a years experience tying to get it right, testing out different camera techniques and editing programs. In the end I filmed the whole film on a Canon 760d and edited it all on Hitfilm4 Express. The plan for my FMP was to do exactly that again (providing it all goes smoothly.

As you can see it’s partly outdoors and so we’d need it to be dry, sunny, or atleast cloudy for it to work. I’ve filmed there in the past and it’s rained on me which completely ruined the filming so I was trying to avoid it this time. Unfortunately my camera man (who mainly filmed The Final Mission) said he wasn’t available! This meant I had to improvise persuade Ceri to film my FMP as well as behind the scenes! (Which was her original role).


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