Logo design Tuesday 23rd of May 

Apart from making a company in groups earlier this morning, we’ve also now been set a new task. To create our own personal logo and/ or ident. I need to consider the name of my public facing persona. I wanted to think of something smart and something new that I haven’t done before. For example, I’ve already made my own YouTube channel and posted a video since I’ve been a college called Peak Film. I had to design my own channel art and ident for it. This is the result of that.

But for this task I looked up a company name generator to help me think of a professional name.

After scrolling down the most decent one I saw was ‘FILM FILTER‘. So I’m going to stick with it. I then made a brand logo for it in Photoshop using some images I saved off google images.

Photoshop logo film filter

I then made an indent that I edited in Photoshop with the help of Jacob. It took us a whole half an hour to figure it out for ourselves of that which was incredibly difficult to do. This was the first draft.

I might put it into premier now and make it better though as it still looks unfinished.




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