Group crits 2: Ethan’s Feedback.

This is following on from the post before where I evaluated Callum’s feedback on my work when we did the group crits last week. This is Ethan’s feedback on my work that I’ve done so far.

In all honestly I found Ethan’s feedback Vague and unhelpful. It appeared very blunt as if he wasn’t taking it seriously when I gave my time and effort to give productive feedback on his work. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t partner up with only one person as I thought the feedback would be more biased and I wanted to obtain a wide variety of opinions on my project. The reason I decided to ask Ethan for his assessment of my work was so he wouldn’t give me biased feedback: as we don’t have a close relationship, which could potentially influence his opinion, which wouldn’t be useful. He didn’t give me any constructive feedback in particular, as oppose to Callum, and the things he thought I executed well was the fact I’ve used “lots of pictures” in my blog.


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