How I changed my idea on the filming day

This was the original script, and although I liked it, I still made some changes on the day of filming.

I wrote the script from home in notes on my iPhone. It took me over 12 hours worth in total over the days I worked on it to get it complete. Once it was finished I send the screen shots to the group chat so everyone could read it and be more prepared. Unfortunately, I ended up finalising it the night before filming! Thankfully this didn’t effect anything and I’m glad I did because I spent enough time on it that every shot was properly planned and everything went smoothly.

One thing I would do if I had the chance would be to go back in time and have the script ready days before filming so people could see it and be more prepared and ultimately lower the overall stress of filming.

While the majority of the film is accurate to the script, it was the ending that changed. Here you see there’s dialogue after Jack gets shot at the very end.

I originally planned for Jack’s character to be ‘dead’ for longer before his head shot wound begins to heal. I changed this on the filming day when I found a rifle scope (like the ones used on a sniper rifle) that was able to go onto Nick’s assault Rifle.

Although the size was different as the scope was meant for an ‘air rifle’ not an ‘airsoft bb gun’ it had to be tied and wrapped around it. Unfortunately, it kept becoming loose and falling off when we weren’t filming causing me to become stressed and agitated. Thankfully I overcame this problem by getting everyone in their positions first (making sure they were ready) while I then helped Nick tie it back on which sped up the process.

The shot where Nick shoots Jack in the head wasn’t originally planned to be a point of view sniper shot. I’d planned and practiced the filming so the shot would be a low-medium shot that’s still close enough that it feels as intense as the actual fight.

It would then just cut to Nick there with smoke coming the barrel of his gun.

After trying that however on the day. I decided it would look cool if we had the camera back where Nick was and zoomed it in like the zoom of the scope. I could then overlay a scope layer on top in post production.

I did debate however not using the sniper scope effect and just staying with my original idea. This is what the end of the fight scene would have looked like if I didn’t overlay the sniper scope in. This is also the first test edit of the official fight. So no effects are added in at this point.

Overall I’m happy with the way it turned out and I do prefer seeing Jack’s head shot through the scope of a sniper. It makes it so much more impressive and I feel makes people appreciate the hard work I’ve put into this project.


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