Comparing concept posters to the final poster

This was an original idea I had for a poster.

This took inspiration from the book cover of ‘Gone’ a book by Michael Grant that I read once and thoughourly enjoyed.

The book is about a boy called Sam and his friends as they discover that anyone over the age of fifteen disappears! His teacher along with every other human who was over the age of fifteen completely disappears in the Californian town of Perdido Beach. At first there is complete chaos as the town now free of adults has no system of control and no law to keep the young citizens at bay. It’s a thrilling story yet unfortunately didn’t inspire any ideas for my FMP.

So that was my first concept for a poster. I then wanted a more scary looking poster that really makes the audience feel uncomfortable yet intrigued. I started by finding a picture of a gas mask off google images. I then did some quick edits and ended up with this.

Now I thought this was good but. I needed a thumbnail for when I upload it to YouTube. I edited the posters above on an editing app on my phone called Enlight. It’s a £2.99 app that I got of the App Store and I’m very pleased with it. It’s a pleasant and fast alternative to photoshop, the only drawback is that the availabil editing techniques and tutorial videos are extremely limited compared to photoshop.

This is the final thumbnail for the production.


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