Reservoir Dogs Research

After researching into one of my favorite Tarantino films “Reservoir Dogs”. I learned that it technically isn’t the first Tarantino movie to be produced.

Related image
I’d say it’s arguable that “Reservoir Dogs” was the film that truly made Tarantino popular. It’s not quite the first film Tarantino has made though. Relatively well-known is the fact that Tarantino co-wrote and directed “My Best Friend’s Birthday” in 1987, while still working at Video Archives in Manhattan Beach.

Image result for my best friend’s birthday (1987)

The soundtrack Quentin Tarantino used in Reservoir Dogs was amazing in my opinion and so I felt I had to include at least one of the songs in my FMP. The problem with this was that there would probably be copyright or something wrong with posting this on the full production that everyone will see. Luckily I found a place for it in the behind the scenes. I personally love this song and feel it suits the behind the scenes perfectly.




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