Blog the week: Filming Keirans Zombie FMP

Monday to Wednesday.

I’ve been purely working hard on completing the blog work and behind the scenes for my FMP. This has made me feel exhausted as it feels that I’m just drowning in work at the moment and all my filming is done. I feel like I need an incentive or something to look forward to. That isn’t writing.


Over the past couple of months, Keiran (a boy on my course) has been planning a ‘zombie’ themed Final Major Project with about 50 people playing extras as zombies. When I heard that idea I instantly thought that he would change it when he realises that it’s extremely difficult to pull something like that off. However, he didn’t. He kept bothering me to lend him some of the gun props that I have so he could use them in his film. Being nice I agreed to let him use them (as I was acting in the film as well). Keiran then needed more guns which he didn’t have even right up to the actual filming day which was set to be Tuesday the 23rd of May.

He’d planned to film a music video about four survivors of the zombie apocalypse holding off the hordes in a bar. Each character’s outfit and personality were meant to be inspired by a character from another film. For example, my character was meant to have a typical work uniform (black shoes, black trousers, and a white shirt) like Shaun does from ‘Shawn of the Dead’. Now I didn’t think that was a bad idea and after hearing this I was quite excited. Especially after seeing Bridgette practice the blood and wound makeup on Keiran in class. It all looked like it had a lot of potential to turn out very impressive.

However one thing screwed up after another and eventually, the whole thing didn’t happen and was a waste of my time. I took time out of my FMP work to help Keiran prepare for his childish zombie film when I could have been improving mine. The whole plan (if there was one) started falling apart when we couldn’t film on the one filming day, Tuesday the 23rd of May. We couldn’t film on that day as we had to stay in the classroom as Ofsted were there. It was also the only day that was guaranteed by the bar in Torpoint that Keiran could film.

Luckily we all then helped him and arranged to film that Thursday (the 26th of May). We’d all had a tiring week of work and to be honest I wanted to lie in. Not to get up at 7 and carry everything down to college. But I didn’t let that bother me as I honestly didn’t know what to expect! We arranged to meet at 9 outside college. Keiran could then collect the equipment he’d booked out and then we could get the bus to Torpoint where we’d meet Corina and the other actors there. However when we all sprinted to get there on time. There was no sign of Keiran. The stress and frustration then mounted as we couldn’t get hold of him. He ended up being over an hour late when Harry M, Bridgett and Myself were all on time. It was a terrible start and it’s just bad that he’d be late like that when we work so hard to help him.

We then saw Freya try to book equipment out but she said the ERC is closed that day because of exams. At that point, we just sort of went screw it. What can we do now as we couldn’t even get the camera equipment and we were late anyway? This is around 11 o’clock now and but we didn’t get mad at him because I don’t want that to happen to me in the future and everyone give me loads of hate. He’s now rethought his idea and I hope it turns out alright for him.

In conclusion, this has made me feel both angry and upset for him as he obviously didn’t know anything about filming. Or filming with a group of people. The plan was so delicate anyway that one slip up can mean we don’t film. I’m just glad it hasn’t affected my FMP too much and I’ve learned not to work with him again.


FMP Week 7 blog the week


We had a talk about Ofsted. We were told to stay in college and not to go out filming when Ofsted were here. I personally thought this was extremely wrong as Ofsted need to see the college for who they really are. This upset me because I could have been one of the people that need to film in one of those days. (Keiran for example). Luckily this didn’t affect me but I still thought it was wrong.


Tuesday we did logos. I was happy with my group as I was with Ceri and Ethan. This is because they’re sensible and together we can get good work done. I’m really into advertising and brand and I took that on the induction course with the degree students a couple weeks ago.

The task for Tuesday morning was to get into groups of 3 or 4 and then get given a fake brand name. We then had to design our own logo for it and company values.

A Logo I designed for our company named “M.O.L.D” was this…

The splatter logo on the right of the page was my design. We wanted something to resemble a splat. Something slightly humorous but serious at the same time. This is purely because the name is MOLD and it doesn’t exactly sound like the most classy company name I’ve heard. With this in mind though, Ethan got up photoshop and started to edit a splat. The problem with this was the fact that it resembled the “Nickelodeon” logo quite a bit.

I was working on a slogan and meaning for our company ‘MOLD’. This is what I came up with.

We couldn’t quite agree on what to go for at first. But then we settled for “Media. Online. Link. Design.” We did this as it sounds really creative and we love how it flows so smoothly and feel others will appreciate this too. This is also because it’s not too long and so memorable.

The first company values that I chose for MOLD was to have the logo to feature blue as we’d want people to see the colour blue and think of ‘trust’. With trust, we promise to be punctual with every one of our clients and will never let them down. Plus the fact that we’re ‘dependent’, and ‘strong’. This is also because other massive companies use blue as their dominant colour in their logo like ‘Facebook’ and ‘HP’.

The second company value is to have the colour green in the logo. This is because we want to be as economical and as environmentally friendly as possible. As a company, we’re also proud to be part of the community and take part in fundraisers for charity. This is to not only just benefit us through advertising but to help the charities grow and benefit from the money we’ve helped raise for them.

The third company value is to be creative and imaginative. In an attempt to make this evident we’ve designed our logo with the text coloured in purple. We wanted this as people would see that and think we’re different and creative as we’re trying to make a statement.

After the hour was up, it was time for group crits for our companies. My group ‘MOLD‘, joined up with another online content producer group ‘ZEN’, along with ‘BY FRAME‘ an animation company.

In conclusion, our company values are;


•Growth and environmentally friendly


This is the PowerPoint Ceri and I made about our company MOLD.

I really enjoyed this task and it’s a good break this week from the stress of FMP with the editing and publishing constantly. I loved the relief as I haven’t done a task like this before and found I could then go back to working on my Final Major Project feeling refreshed. Since then I’ve managed to get much more detailed blog work done and have almost completed the behind the scenes of my production.


I managed to carry on with editing and evidence more on my blog. This is slowly assuring me that I have done enough.


Blog the week: Trying something new 


Preparing for Ceri’s FMP is truly a unique opportunity. She’s planned to have a dance themed music video inspired by YouTube rewind. It’s a great fun idea but it’ll definitely be a challenge to make happen.

We started with filming Ceri’s ending Credits. That’s me on camera making sure the shots are framed right. I felt using a fig rig was very useful as I needed to do a lot of panning and tracking shots to make it work. I like the fig rig more than holding just the camera as I could get low shots really efficiently.

I was a dancer in her FMP and so we needed to rehearse. With this came a great experience as I had to learn how to dance to the routine from scratch, be aware that the routine changes pretty much every week because Ceri adds to it, and to be a part of a synchronized dance group which I’ve wanted to be in for ages.


I worked hard on research as I really needed to get my idea sorted. I was starting to panic a bit but I knew I’d manage to get it done if I tried. After working with Ceri yesterday I really made me see how well other students are getting on with their projects and so it has inspired me to finish my idea.


Finally starting to get somewhere with my idea and I fee like I’m improving with my blog work.

Blog the week: The Second week of FMP


Today I asked to have a one on one tutorial with Billy as I’m extremely passionate about learning new skills when it comes to FMP and how I can make it as good as possible.  This is my first time learning tracking in after effects.

I really want to become more confident with after effects as it could be used in my FMP

This is the editing so far. I’ve done tracking shots on other programs including Hitfilm 4 Express but it’s good to learn a new editing program.

At the moment I prefer Hitfilm to Aftereffects but that might change as I’m not familiar with all the thing that after effects is capable of.

Rough idea


This guy doesn’t age and takes a lot to kill and has been held captive in the world war one bunker

But he escapes

So a squad of troops hired by the top secret agency goes to kill him

But they all die one by one leaving just a one on one fight at the end  
There’s a bunker outside of the city (Heybrook Bay) where the military are keeping a superhuman captive. It’s a top secret investigation and the man captive rapidly heals from damage any other human would die from. However, as soon as the military found out he was different they captured him and the investigation started. They have to find out how this has happened and if the power he holds is safe.

Blog the week 1: Planing my first ideas for FMP

Throughout the week I’ve purely been thinking about new ideas for my FMP as well as expanding on the one idea I have already. I’m excited to see how this turns out and hope I can pull this off to the best standard possible. My tutors have already said this is going to be “the best work you’ve produced so far” so I really hope I can prove that I can make something impressive.

I’ve now thought of two ideas for my FMP. Both of which I am still not 100% sure about.

Idea 1

My first idea was to have the main protagonist live in a split reality where he never knew which was the true reality. In one reality he would be running from the military and in the other he’d be living a normal life with his family and friends. I’ve had this idea since January and hadn’t thought of a different idea until now.

My inspirations for this idea came from a cool shot from a video game I played recently, ‘Battlefield 1’. Battlefield 1 (also known as BF1) is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield Series developed by DICE and published by EA. The game is set during World War 1 and was released worldwide on October 21, 2016. I’ve really enjoyed this game since it’s been available to play and was extremely hyped for it coming up to its release. This is because I’ve also played other games made my DICE (the creators of the Battlefield franchise) and the trailer looked amazing.

Idea 2

Maybe a short superhero film if possible.